Zoho Creator bets big on India market to drive growth
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Zoho Creator bets big on India market to drive growth

Zoho Creator bets big on the Indian market to drive growth

Chennai: Low code solutions platform Zoho Creator ET was told by a senior executive that the company is looking at the domestic market to increase its future growth significantly.
The platform is part of Zoho Corporation. It Also anticipates India and the Middle East to be its two main markets in the future. It recently released the latest version of its platform to assist users in building scalable, low-code solutions. This includes apps, integrations, and process automation.

“In India we are experiencing significant growth.” Bharath Kumar B ET was told by Zoho Creator’s head of marketing, customer experience, and customer service,

The Indian market In 2020 grew by 50% and in 2021 by 100%. Kumar stated that the Middle East has also increased between 60-70% and 100% in these years. He said that these markets would be “key growth markets” for the company.

Users with moderate technical skills can handle the bulk of low-code app development. This includes customization and automation. He said that the latest update would provide IT stakeholders greater control over governance and management.

“The platform allows IT users and business users to collaborate to create and deploy apps that can be highly customized and scale to meet business requirements. Kumar stated that this would enable businesses to concentrate on their business problems and explore new opportunities.

He said that Zoho Creator is the only product in the Zoho ecosystem to see a 2x increase in revenue than new revenue.

He said that the company is betting aggressively on “fusion teams,” which will bring together both IT and non-IT developers and allow them to adopt local platforms for themselves.

Kumar stated that around 75% of our users would be citizens, developers, or non-IT people. “And between 20 and 25% of our users could be IT professionals. We want to be partners with IT people and empower the business team within the organization.

He stated that the company expects to grow revenue by approximately 50% yearly. They are focusing on product capabilities and improvements in all aspects of their products, focusing on fusion teams.

Zoho Creator bets big on India market to drive growth
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