Xiaomi’s performance is limited in games according to Benchmark
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Xiaomi’s performance is limited in games according to Benchmark

Following criticisms of Samsung for slowing down performance of apps and games, including benchmarks, via whitelisting, Xiaomi now faces similar accusations. John Poole, Primate Labs ‘s head developer, announced via Twitter that he had found out from his own tests that Xiaomi manipulates benchmarks. Primate Labs developed Geekbench, a cross-platform benchmarking tool that can be used to compare the performance of Android phones and other types of Apple devices.

Poole claims that Xiaomi’s software recognizes when a user launches a benchmark, and then increases the CPU performance of the respective device to get better results. However, Xiaomi throttles the performance of multiple games by identifying them by their names and reducing performance. Geekbench’s benchmark tool for Xiaomi Mi showed that 11-30% of the results were lower when the program was named after a well-known video game. Poole claims that he tried cheating the operating systems into believing Geekbench was Fortnite’s game Genshin Impact.

Benchmark results cannot be compared to daily performance.
Xiaomi does not limit performance when running games or other apps on certain smartphones. It is also possible that Xiaomi Geekbench delivers better benchmark results than the smartphones it tests. Both scenarios are not comparable to the everyday performance of the user. It is not clear what the goal is.

Samsung admitted that they had wanted to use the Game Optimizing Service (GOS), to make sure that the smartphone doesn’t overheat when playing long-term games. Samsung has released an update to its flagship smartphones, which allows users to choose whether or not to throttle performance in games.


Xiaomi’s performance is limited in games according to Benchmark
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