Xiaomi unveils CyberOne, an impressive robot that walks and picks flowers
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Xiaomi unveils CyberOne, an impressive robot that walks and picks flowers

Xiaomi unveiled what is likely its most ambitious project: a human-sized robot with the ability to walk, grab objects and make decisions. The Chinese brand hopes to bring CyberOne to market soon, even though it is currently a prototype that is too expensive.

The Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi has not stopped making robots since the launch of its first dog, the Robotics Dog. The brand had a lot to show at a conference that featured its MIX Fold 2 and its Buds 4 Pro, Watch S1 Pro, Redmi K50 Ultra, and Watch S1 Pro. Surprise! It is a robot that can walk on two legs and arrives on stage with a bouquet in hand.

This video shows CyberOne’s learning abilities. After stumbling several more times, he finally manages to walk, after which he hastens along the roads. He avoids a branch by turning to the right and not by walking over it, thanks to his short strides. It allows an army to cross it without crushing them. He ends his journey at to and picks a flower.
Xiaomi’s CyberOne robot can walk, avoid obstacles and grab items.

CyberOne measures 1.77m high and weighs 52kg. It is equipped with a Mi Sense visual system that allows it to move at speed… 3.6 km/h! His artificial intelligence allows him to learn from his mistakes. His AI allows him to learn from his mistakes and understand human emotions. It is a prototype at the moment, and there are many areas for improvement. The video shows the robot driving on different roads all around the globe.

It is intended to demonstrate that the robot can walk. The robot doesn’t seem afraid of extreme temperatures or heavy rains so it can replace humans in difficult situations.
Xiaomi plans to launch its robot very soon.

This model is currently priced at 90,000. Xiaomi plans to lower these costs and market the robot to the public. The brand will likely go through the “call for developers” box while it is still developing, just as Xiaomi is doing with Cyberdog. This project recalls Optimus, Tesla’s robotic robot unveiled a year earlier. The production of the Tesla Bot is expected to begin in 2023.

Xiaomi unveils CyberOne, an impressive robot that walks and picks flowers
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