Would A Free Electric Scooter Get You Back To The Office? Google Hopes So
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Would A Free Electric Scooter Get You Back To The Office? Google Hopes So

Would A Free Electric Scooter Get You Back To The Office? Google Hopes So

Google offers free electric scooters to encourage remote workers to return to the workplace. As you might expect, there are some limitations to the initiative. To accommodate employees who prefer to work remotely, Google extended its work-from-home policy during the pandemic.

Some employees at Google can work remotely for a more extended period. Some roles require workers to be present at the office. Google may have a fleet of autonomous workers, as well as a portion that reports back to its central offices. However, it is still trying to attract remote workers back to its physical workforce.

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Google’s “Ride Scoot,” a program that allows its U.S. workers to have free access to the e-scooter subscription, is an example of this partnership. The verge reports that Google has partnered up with Unagi, an electric scooter company founded in 2018. Unagi offers e-scooters to rent and also sells them. The Model One scooter is priced at $990. Subscriptions start at $49 per month after paying $50. Google employees receive a discount of up to $44.10 per month, and Google will fully reimburse any employee who signs up at Unagi booths in select offices. Google will soon offer scooter subscriptions to employees as an additional transportation option. This will be available at offices in Seattle, Irvine, Sunnyvale, and its main Mountain View headquarters.

Is it enough to get Google’s remote workers back into the office?

Google employees may find it practical to opt for an electric scooter service free of charge, as rising gas prices are a problem. Although employees won’t get full ownership of Unagi e-scooters, they will be reimbursed for their subscription and receive free maintenance and insurance in theft or damage. The Model One, which weighs 26.5 pounds and has a maximum range of 15.5 miles, is the e-scooter employees will receive.

Although it doesn’t have all the same features like an advanced e-bike, this bike is sufficient for a quick commute. This won’t work for employees who need to travel long distances, like those living in nearby counties. Safety, storage options, terrain maneuverability, and other factors may make a scooter not a viable option for all employees. For Google to fully pay their subscription costs, employees must use the e-scooters at work nine times per calendar month. Although it may be a great addition to transportation options, Google‘s Ride Scoot program might not be enough for most remote employees to return to the office in a hurry.


Would A Free Electric Scooter Get You Back To The Office? Google Hopes So
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