With the 32nd pick, The Edmonton Oilers select: Reid Schaefer

With the 32nd pick, The Edmonton Oilers select: Reid Schaefer
  • Under Ken Holland, the Edmonton Oilers have a long history of trading in NHL Entry Draft. The 2022 draft was no exception. The Oilers chose number 29 instead of selecting them. They also picked future second-, third-, and fourth-round picks as well as Zack Kassian to make the 32nd and last first-round selection held by Arizona. The Netherlands chose Reid Schaefer, a Seattle Thunderbirds player, because of the variety of perspectives.

    Schaefer, a left-handed winger with a large body, scored 32 goals and added 26 assists to score 58 points in 66 games. He finished his season with 6 goals and 25 assists in playoff games. 15 assists was also added to make him a key part of Seattle’s run for the WHL Finals.

    It is easy to see why Schaefer was so beloved by teams. Schaefer, who is 1.80m tall and 100kg in weight, has a strong physical structure. He also has the touch of a scorer’s hand and soft hands. This rare combination is something NHL GMs strive to emulate. Schaefer scores in many different ways, which is the most remarkable aspect of his game. He is a natural net drive specialist and can often be seen wiping out loose disks. He is also a strong shot and a great thrower. He has the rare combination of his size and his ability to score from close range, as well as his ability to kick far away.

    Shaefer’s skating ability is passable despite his size. Although he can move up and down the ice well, he is not able to adjust his skating speed. This will be a problem in professional hockey. He is a very straightforward player, moving up and around the ice at an almost non-explosive speed. His size makes it possible for him to protect against checks right now. But that will change in the future.

    The pros Your edge work is weak, which can hinder your lateral mobility as well as transition skating. Its mechanics are excellent, so I hope that there are improvements.

    His hockey sense is perhaps the most overlooked aspect of his game. His defensive awareness is amazing. This ability was used to great advantage in penalty situations and late-game situations with high leverage. Three of their six playoff goals came from the empty net, which was used to defend late-game leads.

    Schaefer is also a skilled game creator. It makes a great pass and often gets it right when it reads where the disk should be. This is something that you don’t often see in a man who is a gunner or a great man.

    Although all of this may sound to be an endorsement of the choice made, there are some concerns. First, you must consider your summoning age. He was only 6 days away of being eligible to join the 2021 draft. Your score totals must be compared to his age. My favorite Jagger Firkus scored 36 goals in this season’s campaign, but is eight months older than Schaefer.

    Schaefer has never scored in the past this year, which is another concern. Their AJHL numbers are incredibly disappointing. What happened this year? Is there an older player who just stayed on the heater for the entire season? We also have a player with a scoring touch, either due to Covid, late development, or both. This concern is not yet well-founded.

    Schaefer will need to continue to improve his skating, as we have already mentioned. His size won’t allow him to use it as well in the pros. This will determine if Schaefer is a good 6th winger, or a small role player trying to get a job in NHL

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