What to look out for when organising an online conference?

What to look out for when organising an online conference?

Although online conferences are extremely popular, organising them can be difficult due to technical issues and a lack of preparation.

What conference platform should you choose

First, choose the platform that you will use to host your online conference. Zoom is the most popular and offers all of your options. Zoom, however, seems to offer more functions for teams. This is why school teachers love it. It’s ideal for teamwork and creativity. You might be better off choosing something smaller if your conference plan does not include these aspects.

Send participants proper e-mails

A conference without participants would not make sense. It is important to ensure that all guests have received details about the conference. The date and time of conference should be included in the e-mail. The hosts should create a schedule to ensure that everyone knows when their turn is. This will create a positive atmosphere, and it won’t put the attendees under any pressure.

Your content is important

Whatever material you choose to display, you are still part of it. Keep your camera on while you share your screen. Your attendees should associate your voice and the face.

Are you deciding to use a traditional presentation format? Do not overload it with text. Participants will listen to your voice and not be bored by boring paragraphs. Use bullet points to convey basic ideas.

The visual part should not be limited to a few pages. You can embellish them with relevant photos, but you should avoid watermarks. This is not aesthetic. It doesn’t really matter if you use PowerPoint or modern tools like Canva. It doesn’t matter if you use PowerPoint or Canva. What matters is how well you plan and present them.

Beware technical difficulties

You must ensure that your microphone is working properly and your webcam is ready for use. It is possible to check this by opening a sound recorder on the computer and listening for your voice. Be sure to keep the distance right. You won’t hear the mic clearly if you are too close to it.

Check the settings of your device if you have any problems with your camera or microphone. You may have forgotten to set it up correctly.

After you have everything set up correctly, it’s time to run some tests. Log in to your conference and ask someone to log on as a participant.

Use a premium account. It doesn’t matter if you use Zoom, Teams. You will be viewed as an amateur if you use a free account. A disadvantage of the free conference software is that you must stop the meeting at a certain time. It is very rude to ask your attendees to log out and log back in again.

Prepare the introduction

Are you hosting a conference? It is important to make a good impression, and make participants feel at ease. It is important to prepare a plan and practice your speech several times. Recording yourself would be a great idea, as well as speaking in front of a mirror.

You should check at least twice to ensure that your message is in line with the content of the presentation. Be sure to check the names and titles of all people you intend to introduce. It is a big mistake to misspell someone’s surname, or confuse the CEO and a manager.

You will be able to present yourself professionally and confidently by writing down your speech plan. It is not recommended that you recite the entire speech word for word. It will sound artificial and bore your listeners if you learn your speech from memory. It is better to create bullet points and then expand them on your own. Don’t be afraid to rely on your imagination and not choose the opposite extreme. These skills are essential, and you will not be able to speak clearly or repeat your mistakes.

What to look out for when organising an online conference?
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