What Do 'Story Time' & 'Crop' Mean? TikTok's Viral Comments, Explained
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What Do ‘Story Time’ & ‘Crop’ Mean? TikTok’s Viral Comments, Explained

What Do ‘Story Time’ & ‘Crop’ Mean? TikTok’s Viral Comments, Explained

TikTok is filled with inside jokes, memes, and even a trend that allows users to comment’storytime’ and ‘crop on videos. While Instagram and Facebook remain the most popular social media apps, TikTok is still a hugely popular app. It’s clear that TikTok will not be going away soon, thanks to its expanding user base, robust filters/editing tools, and excellent For You algorithm.

TikTok is constantly updated with new trends, memes, and challenges like any social media platform. Some are obvious. For example, the Thanos snap trend sees TikTok creators creating videos of objects being taken away. Others trends, like the brownie recipe one, are a total head-scratcher. TikTok isn’t always clear why something goes viral, but that’s what makes it so attractive.

This is what TikTok’s and ‘crop’ comments show. You’ve likely noticed that people comment on TikTok videos with no context if you recently spent any time. It doesn’t matter which video you are watching. You can see a TikTok with someone performing a comedy skit or showing off a Fortnite win. For no apparent reason, comments are often filled with people saying things like story time’ or ‘crop.’

The Meaning of ‘Story Time’ and ‘Crop’ comments

Although the meaning may have been lost, the crop and storytime comments can be traced back specifically to certain types of videos. The first videos to feature the storytime comment were those of people sharing a story about something real or imagined. People would comment’storytime’ if they wanted more information on a story. The ‘crop” comment is quite self-explanatory. A TikTok video may have a funny or unusual image. You can let the creator know you would like a cropped version of that particular thing by commenting’ crop.

These are the original story time’ or ‘crop’ comments. However, their true meaning seems to have been lost. They are now spamming comments that flood video’s comments section with annoying and random messages. It’s a popular trend that TikTok users are tired of. @wavyemma tweeted, “I’m NGL that storytime, crop, and brownies recipe s***on TikTok in the most absurd thing I have ever experienced.” I have not cracked a smile one time.” @yurieruzar tweeted their dismay at the trend. “Now I can’t find any funny comments. 

These spam comments are not a new phenomenon for TikTok. In July 2020, people were leaving empty comments on videos. People are now commenting on a brownie recipe using the ‘brownie recipes’ trend. TikTok has seen spam comments flood TikTok in the past. If history repeats itself, it won’t be their last.


What Do ‘Story Time’ & ‘Crop’ Mean? TikTok’s Viral Comments, Explained
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