Uber: Huge leak reveals how the service cheated and manipulated

Uber: Huge leak reveals how the service cheated and manipulated

Uber is not uncommon in cities. The driving service provider can be found in many other countries. The company managed to expand its business using very dirty tactics and aggressive lobbying. This is now evident by a huge leak. With the help of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, the guardian analyzed 124,000 documents. The dataset includes emails, iMessages, and WhatsApp messages from top company executives, along with memos, presentations and briefing papers.

Uber aggressive expansion
This data covers the period 2013-2017, when Uber was aggressively expanding globally. The Guardian: “They expose how the company has violated the law, misled regulators, exploited violence towards drivers, and secretly lobbied countries around the world,” said the Guardian. There are many names, not only from Uber executives but also politicians. The business side is particularly bad for Travis Kalanick, the founder. According to reports, he responded to protests from French taxi drivers by saying “Violence ensures success.”

Several politicians play a very infuriating role as well, including the French President Emmanuel Macron. According to reports, he was a transportation minister who helped Uber. Uber and its lobbyists were said to have been able to get direct access to Macron’s office. Olaf Scholz is also mentioned on the “Uber Files”, however, the company was rejected after Scholz was called a “real comedian”. FDP politician Otto Fricke is responsible for Uber’s lobbying campaign in Germany. However, the former mayor of Hamburg rejected the company and Scholz was referred to as a “real comedian”.

Uber speaks about the past
Uber responded to the pronunciations publication of its past failures. This account drew massive public attention and prompted several high-profile lawsuits, numerous regulatory… investigations, and the dismissal or resignation of many senior employees.

Uber claims that this is precisely why Uber hired Dara Khosrowshahi as its new CEO. She is charged with changing every aspect of Uber’s business. In other words, Uber today has nothing to do the company of the future. Travis Kalanick would prefer that a spokesperson say that the founder and boss never ordered or directed illegal activity. It’s basically a string of denials.

Uber: Huge leak reveals how the service cheated and manipulated
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