Tonga volcano eruption could exacerbate global warming

Tonga volcano eruption could exacerbate global warming

The January eruption of the Tonga volcano (full name – Hunga-Tonga-Hunga-Haapai) can contribute to an increase in temperature throughout the planet.

Recent research suggests that the volcano produced a lot of water vapor. This would be enough water vapor to fill 58,000 Olympic swimming pool. Even if this indicator is not enough to tell you anything, other data can be more helpful. The amount of water that reached the stratosphere was approximately 10% of the total water content of this layer. Scientists are concerned about this because it can cause even greater heating of the Earth. It will take many years for excess water to evaporate.

Large volcanic eruptions can, however, cause the planet to cool. A lot of ash and dirt is released into the atmosphere which blocks part of the sun’s radiation. Volcano Tonga, an underwater volcano, released water vapor into the atmosphere. This excess leads to heating. This indicator indicates that the eruption of Tonga was the most extraordinary in all of scientific observation.

It is unlike anything else we have ever seen. To be sure that the measurements were accurate, we had to inspect each loop carefully.

Louis Millan, study author

It is worth noting, too, that Tonga’s eruption was the strongest in the past 100 years. Pre

Tonga volcano eruption could exacerbate global warming
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