This is Geely’s first electric pickup: Radar RD6 details

This is Geely’s first electric pickup: Radar RD6 details

Radar (Rational Alone Discovery Accompany Romantic) has released details about Radar RD6 electric pickup truck. It was launched about a month ago.

Radar RD6 unibody pickup trucks are built on the reinforced modular SEA platform (Sustainable Experience Architecture). This platform was previously used to build the Zeekr 001, smart #1 and Zeekr 001 models. His wheelbase was extended to 3120mm. He also received an independent suspension for all wheels and a battery installed underneath the cabin floor.

The dimensions of the car are 5260x 1900x1830mm. The loading platform measures 1525mm in length. The volume is 1.2 meters. Passport load capacity is 755kg. The cabin features a touch-screen multimedia system, a push-button climate control unit, leather seats with an electric drive, and a panoramic roof.

Four 220-volt outlets were installed in the car to power household appliances. The total power of these outlets is 6 kW. Small luggage can be stored in sealed compartments under the hood (70 Liters) or behind the sofa (48 Liters). There are many options, including a tent and a fridge.

Radar RD6 initially will only receive rear-wheel drive. It will be equipped with a single electric motor of 272 horsepower and a traction battery of 85.9 kWh. All-wheel drive twin engine versions with twin engines will be available later. These will be capable of driving more than 600 km on one charge and accelerate to “hundreds” in 6 seconds.

The sales of electric Radar RD6 pickups in China will start in the fourth quarter. Pre-orders have been accepted, but prices are still to be announced.


This is Geely’s first electric pickup: Radar RD6 details
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