The Pixel Watch has the same chip as Galaxy Watch 2018

The Pixel Watch has the same chip as Galaxy Watch 2018

Google’s first connected watch won’t use the most recent generation of components. As the chip behind the 2018 Galaxy Watch, the Pixel Watch will likely use an older chip.

Google broke the ice with the Pixel Watch, its first connected watch. We already know some details about the technical aspects of the Pixel Watch, even though it won’t be available until next fall. A source at 9to5Google claims that the watch will use an older chip, as it’s already four years old. It appears that the Pixel Watch uses a chip Exynos9110. This chip is the same one used in the Galaxy Watch in 2018.+. The chip is 10nm in thickness and has 2 Cortex A53 cores.

Pixel Watch does not have the most recent SoC.
The close partnership with Samsung meant that the Pixel Watch would use the most recent chip from Korea, the ExynosW920. This was notably seen in the Galaxy Watch 4. The watch uses the latest Cortex-A55 cores, and has a finer engraving (5 nm) that allows it to benefit from longer runtime+. We knew Google had been working on a connected watch for some time. However, the launch of the American manufacturer will take a while. Google may have decided to retain the chip it had worked on in the initial tests of its connected watch.

This is not the first time Google uses a Samsung chip in its devices+. The Tensor chip in the Pixel 6 will eventually be a custom Exynos chips. Google again relies on SoCs from the Korean manufacturer, which is not surprising. It was expected that Google’s first Watch would be powered by a next-generation chip. This chip will also power the Galaxy Watch 5 which will debut this summer.

The Pixel Watch has the same chip as Galaxy Watch 2018
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