The Apple Watch Pro for extreme sports would cost over $900

The Apple Watch Pro for extreme sports would cost over $900

Apple will introduce three new Apple Watches in the coming year. These include an SE Series, 8 Series and a rugged, “Pro” Watch that is geared towards extreme sports. It could be almost as expensive as the iPhone 13 Pro.

Bloomberg’s expert reporter Mark Gurman claims that the rugged Apple Watch Pro, which we discussed last week, could be renamed Apple Watch Edition to become a premium watch. Mark Gurman had previously announced that, in addition to the new Apple Watch SE, Apple Watch Series 8, which will be presented at end of year, the company was also working on a larger watch with almost 2 inch screens. This watch would be 50mm in diameter, compared to 41 and 45mm for the current models, but its price would skyrocket.

The Apple Watch Pro may cost as much as the iPhone 13 Pro
The price of the next Apple Watch Pro, like the iPhones, MacBooks and iPads that already offer “Pro” devices, should be substantially higher than other models. Mark Gurman, in his Power On newsletter, announces that the watch could start at $900. This is $100 less than the iPhone 13 Pro. We imagine the watch would be more expensive than the symbol 1000 euro in the EU, if we add taxes. This would make it the most expensive watch the company has ever launched.

The price would be higher than the Apple Watch Edition which is available starting at 829 euros in the official shop. It is worth noting that the screen on the new extreme sports model has an area approximately 77% larger than today’s largest Apple Watch. This screen also has a resolution around 410x 502 pixels. This screen can display more information about watch faces or fitness stats. The chassis will be made of a stronger metal than aluminum and the screen will be shockproof.

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