SpaceX will pay to hack the Starlink network

SpaceX will pay to hack the Starlink network

SpaceX claims anyone can hack into Starlink’s satellite network. They are willing to pay up to $25,000 for specific vulnerabilities. After cybersecurity expert Lennert Wiers disclosed that he had successfully hacked Starlink terminals using a $25 chip, the company made the announcement. Wouters claimed that his attack could make Starlink terminals inaccessible and allow for arbitrary code to be run on them.

SpaceX, on its part, congratulated Wouters for his successful hacking attempt. In a six-page document entitled Starlink Welcomes Security Researchers, (Find Bugs),” SpaceX said. document states that “we find the attack technically impressive” and “this is the first such attack we are aware of on the system.” SpaceX said that the hack by Wouters with a homemade chip shouldn’t worry Starlink users as it won’t have any direct impact on satellites.

According to a SpaceX document, in-house engineers try to hack Starlink to improve the service and make it more secure. The company states that security researchers have the option to conduct their testing and can report vulnerabilities for a monetary reward. The award can be between $100 and $25,000. SpaceX does have conditions. Bug hunting must not disrupt user service, attacks on large-scale infrastructure must be prohibited, and email spoofing (fake addresses in emails) is also prohibited.

SpaceX will pay to hack the Starlink network
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