Smartphone photos Will Beat DSLRs by 2024 Sony

Smartphone photos Will Beat DSLRs by 2024: Sony

In terms of image quality, smartphones will soon surpass DSLRs or single-lens mirrorless camera. That’s Sony’s optimistic prediction. Although advances in DSLR technology are slowing down, there are still significant improvements in cell phone sensor technology.

Sony predicts that SLR and system camera sales will drop by 2024
Sony is a leading manufacturer of image sensors. This means that any announcements made by the company in this field are heavy. Terushi Shimizu is the President and CEO at Sony Semiconductor Solutions, and also heads the division for Sony image sensors. Shimizu said loudly Nikkei Japan (through technologyradar), recently in a presentation.

The head of the semiconductor division makes his prediction even more precise. Sony’s current developments could make smartphones images look better with its sensors by 2024, compared to interchangeable-lens camera (ILCs), also called mirrorless cameras. Sony is still the largest provider of such camera systems and it can be predicted that this will have a significant impact on its business. The group announced its dissolution last year.

Artificial intelligence and sensors with larger resolutions
High-end smartphones have better and more powerful sensors, which is the biggest driver of image quality in smartphones. In the next few years, Sony anticipates that the main sensors will double in size. The pixel structure will also change rapidly. Sony has already mentioned the particular one “Two Layer Transistor Pixel” technology, which increases dynamic range and reduces noise. The second lever to a better smartphone. Sony is making vague statements that lead to its own demise. AI could increase the “absorption capability”, but it is unclear how. The company mentions quantum saturation as an important factor in this regard, but doesn’t elaborate.

In the next few years, there are many reasons why enthusiasts will want to use a DSLR/mirrorless camera: creative control, operation, and, last but not least, the viewfinder. Sony’s presentation shows that there is a lot to look forward to in the future in the area of image sensors.

Smartphone photos Will Beat DSLRs by 2024: Sony
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