Samsung’s collaboration with ASML and imec Is Increased

Samsung’s collaboration with ASML and imec Is Increased

Samsung Vice Chairman, and de facto CEO Lee Jaeyong met ASML and imec in Belgium. In order to be at the forefront in the future of the semiconductor industry, the manufacturer plans to increase its collaboration with these two technology heavyweights.

Expand and strengthen collaboration
Samsung is not looking for ASML proximity. Samsung is already a major customer of the Dutch supplier. However, Samsung wants to continue to be so. TSMC, Intel and Samsung had larger shares of ASML a few years back, but they later sold it with a small portion.

ASLM believes that future technology will not only include EUV but also high-NA-EUV. (Details are in the article Chip Manufacturing – What’s Behind EUV Lithography?) Intel is the first to order multiple systems as part of its next generation production technology.

These machines are reserved for large manufacturers and have a final price of approximately 400 million euros. Samsung was also impressed when Lee Jae-yong visited one of the ASML factories to take a closer look at the system. It wasn’t clear if an order was placed right away.

Imec fundamental research
However, Europe has more than just ASML in the Netherlands. It also includes imec from Belgium. Much of the fundamental research takes place in Europe, just like at IBM in the USA. The current topic is, for example, the future modified power supply transistors from behind.

Intel is already making this public with its PowerVia approach Imec presented its revised approach to “Backside Power Delivery” This research has been ongoing for many years, and the first results were presented back in 2019. These innovations should be available to products in “2nm”, as it’s called by companies’ marketing departments.

This topic is not to be overlooked, as Applied Materials (with material form imec) explained recently in a presentation. Different approaches can lead to significant benefits. The best results can be achieved with simpler production processes or with more complex productions.


Samsung’s collaboration with ASML and imec Is Increased
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