Samsung to launch GEMS Hip Exoskeleton Wearable Next
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Samsung to launch GEMS Hip Exoskeleton Wearable Next

Samsung will launch its first GEMS Hip exoskeleton in August, a “wearable”, assistive robot that makes it easier to walk for people with mobility issues.
With their 6G connectivity advancements, he already looked at us Samsung. However, Suwon wants to make people talk in the year that they have shined the most. is now programming the launch for what will be his next major electronic project in 2020 in Las Vegas. It is called GEMS Hip Assistive Robo. Yes, it is an exoskeleton for those who promise to revolutionize the future by helping us with our daily tasks, or by becoming “super-humans”.

CES 2022: The Samsung GEMS Hip Assistive Robot was presented. As SamMobile, Samsung’s plan is for this GEMS Hip to become our assist robot when running or walking. The South Korean mechanical monstrosity can reduce the metabolic cost of walking by 24% while also increasing our speed by 14%. This would be the first step, and it is the best. It will allow those with lower mobility to use this device to assist them in walking, carrying or grabbing things.

Samsung is shining brighter in the electronics and mobile industries. As we mentioned, Samsung’s exoskeleton has been presented at CES 2020. It now targets the US market to complete its development. This is because it appears that the robotics sector grew by 21% each year since 2016, but still has a lot of work ahead.

It is not surprising that we know Suwon’s company, his passion for being everywhere and his ability to propose solutions (sometimes even solving problems we didn’t have) in this consumer electronics sector. These exoskeletons represent the hope of many people, so we are happy to see progress in health-oriented implementations , such as the Samsung GEMS Hip, currently awaiting US FDA approval because it is a medical device.

Samsung has already received ISO 1372 certification. Now, the FDA must approve Samsung to begin sales of the GEMS Hip, its first exoskeleton. This could help people with mobility issues walk.

This is Samsung’s first exoskeleton, the GEMS Hip Assistive Robot. In case you’re wondering, the nomenclature comes from “Gait Enhancing & Motivation System”, which is Spanish for “Motivation and Gait Improvement System”. The device was designed to be used by people with mobility issues or other disabilities.

The GEMS Hip is still in development. Samsung has obtained an ISO 1372 certificate and plans to sell the device, if the FDA allows it. Although we don’t know the price, they say that the fountains will come in approximately 50,000 units. Samsung unveils its plans for 6G. It will be 50 times faster than 5G, and move 1 Terabit per second .


Samsung to launch GEMS Hip Exoskeleton Wearable Next
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