Samsung Sued For Battery Life: could shake up the entire Android industry
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Samsung Sued For Battery Life: could shake up the entire Android industry

K. Mirza LCC, a patent licensing firm, has just filed a lawsuit against Samsung. She alleges that Samsung is illegally using technology in order to predict battery life. An independent Dutch research institute developed this basic functionality.

Tech giants are not uncommon to be sued for illegal or fraudulent use of technology. A US university accused Google in February 2022 of stealing its Android code. According to the school, Google engineers illegally misused a patent that was related to a method for detecting bugs within power management. The school alleged that Google engineers had illegally misused a patent related to detecting bugs in power management. Samsung was sued.

K. Mizra LLC (a patent licensing company) claims that the South Korean company stole an algorithm that allows users to predict their remaining autonomy based on their habits.
K. Mizra LLC filed the complaint May 20, 2022. According to the complaint, the pre-installed feature in Android was actually developed and maintained by Dutch Organized for Applied Science Research. Also see: Apple Watch – A company files a complaint against Apple regarding theft of patents

Samsung and the industry could face potentially disastrous consequences
A patent that the institute filed mentions a feature for “advanced, on-the-fly prediction” of the battery life of mobile devices such as smartphones. K. Mizra states that the prediction is made using algorithms that analyze user behavior. According to the plaintiff, “Samsung smartphones running Android operating systems that are older than 2.2 GHz infringe the German designation” of this patent. The outcome of this case could have repercussions for the entire smartphone market.

This battery life prediction technology isn’t just for Samsung. This technology can be found on many smartphones including the Google Pixel and the Xiaomi phones. The consequences of this legal action could have serious implications for Samsung and other companies using the same or similar technology.


Samsung Sued For Battery Life: could shake up the entire Android industry
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