Samsung QN95B/S95B TV cheats in brightness tests
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Samsung QN95B/S95B TV cheats in brightness tests

Modern televisions may have an integrated algorithm that detects common metering windows, then adjusts the brightness and picture. Samsung may be cheating in certain tests. Also, the TV sets can distort normal content. The Samsung S95B showed a different screen in HDR mode to previous measurements, HDTV Test reported. You could also reduce the window to measure other results. Good Flat PanelsHD The suspicion of manipulation has been proved and the effect on Samsung QN95B has also been proven. Normal test mode produced much higher brightness values.

The content was 80 percent brighter
FlatpanelsHD tested Samsung QN95B using a mini LED backlight. It found that the brightness was approximately 2300 candela per sq m with a standard test window size. The brightness was only 1300 candela per sq meter after the test window was reduced to one percent. Technically, the brightness can be increased because the backlight’s powerpack can provide more energy in a shorter time. The brightness can also cause tests to be misled.

Some manufacturers adjust the HDR content as needed. Higher brightness or better colors will not improve quality, but can actually degrade it. FlatpanelsHD presented the manufacturer with the results. The South Korean company pronunciations was then provided.

The company plans to provide an update that increases the brightness of HDR content for other window sizes. It remains to be determined if this will solve the problem. The extension of the software may not allow for more precise measurements. The update for S95B has been released. However, the QN95B update will be available soon.


Samsung QN95B/S95B TV cheats in brightness tests
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