Samsung planning a dream team in July for chip development by 2025
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Samsung planning a dream team in July for chip development by 2025

The world’s largest electronics company is under tremendous pressure from Apple, and other competitors, when it comes down to the computing power of its processor platform for smartphones and other devices. Samsung has created a “dream team” to develop chips. The company is planning to form a “joint taskforce”, according to Samsung sources. A joint working group will be formed from employees from both the smartphone and semiconductor divisions. It is expected that approximately 1000 employees will initially be assigned to this new group.

Samsung wants to make an Apple chip killer before 2025, according to reports
This project aims to speed up the development of new platforms that can be used in smartphones and other electronic devices. It also enables chip developers to keep up with Apple. The goal is to have the first proprietary chip available on the market by 2025. It should offer greater performance than the ARM processors used in Apple’s smartphones.

Multiple rumors have circulated about Samsung’s plans. According to the report, Samsung intends to use this new chip exclusively for its Galaxy series smartphones. Preparations are underway for the formation of the new Dream Platform One Team, as the group will be known internally. The team is expected officially to launch in July 2022.

The Semiconductor-Smartphone departments need to work closer together
The two Samsung Mobile Experience Group bosses, the Samsung LSI semiconductor division and the Samsung Mobile Experience Group, are jointly responsible for the management. The task force will also include many employees from both divisions. They want to improve internal collaboration between the teams because the Samsung Exynos SoCs have been developed largely by the semiconductor division, despite being part of the same group.

Samsung’s own high end SoCs were repeatedly criticised for being slow and unreliable, particularly when compared with Qualcomm’s high-end SoCs. Samsung appears to be looking to invest more in future. Recently, Exynos was dissolved by a group of Austin chip developers that had been in existence for many years.

Samsung planning a dream team in July for chip development by 2025
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