Samsung Exynos Chips Face Problems With Diablo Immortal
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Samsung Exynos Chips Face Problems With Diablo Immortal

Recently, the latest installment in the Diablo series was made available. Immortal is also the first mobile-friendly offshoot that Blizzard offers. Although pay-to-win is still very popular, there have been some criticisms of it. This is not a problem with all hardware.

Diablo Immortal rose to the top of charts immediately after its release. This goes for both the Apple App Store as well as the Google Play Store. The Blizzard title is a highly graphically complex game that can be downloaded for tablets and smartphones. Most players are delighted. Immortal received an impressive 4.7 star rating in the Google Store.

Exynos has serious graphical bugs
There are also criticisms and 1-star ratings. These complaints are often written by Samsung users who complain about poor performance and graphical errors. SamMobile quoted Reddit that this may be due to one reason: Exynos chips or Samsung’s mobile SoCs.

They have been known for being inferior to Qualcomm Snapdragon chipsets. However, this appears to have had a significant impact on Diablo Immortal. The Samsung chips not only have performance issues, but display problems as well.

Exynos-based devices can experience visual artifacts that range from minor texture issues to unplayability. The Galaxy A13, older flagships like the Galaxy S10 or Note10, and mid-range devices are most affected. However, the Galaxy S22 smartphones are not immune to this problem. SamMobile claims that the following devices have been affected by the Galaxy S22 smartphones:

Galaxy A12
Galaxy A13
Galaxy A21
Galaxy A51 5G
Galaxy A Quantum
Galaxy S10 Series
Galaxy Note 10 Series
Milky Way F12
Galaxy F62
Galaxy M12
Galaxy M13
Galaxy M62
Galaxy X Case 5
Galaxy S22 (+)
Good news! Diablo Immortal developers are aware of the problem and have stated that they are working to fix it. Although it isn’t known when, Blizzard may decide to temporarily disable downloads from Exynos devices.


Samsung Exynos Chips Face Problems With Diablo Immortal
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