Samsung DDR6 RAM will be twice as fast as DDR5
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Samsung DDR6 RAM will be twice as fast as DDR5

Samsung is planning to introduce DDR6 memory modules onto the market. According to sources, the South Korean tech giant plans to introduce modified Semi-Additive Process packaging technology (mSAP), in order to make DDR6 chips.

Yangwang Koh, Vice President of Samsung, stated that packaging technology should adapt to memory modules as they get more powerful. Samsung will be able to make more advanced chips by applying the mSAP process for DDR6 memory chips. He stated that Samsung’s rivals have used the mSAP process to create DDR5 memories, and that Samsung is working on this packaging technology for DDR6.

The South Korean tech giant, Samsung, introduced last week its first GDDR6 memory chip with a processing speed exceeding 24 Gb/s. This is a frequency of 24 GHz. The company is also working on DDR6 (not confused with GDDR6). Based on available data, DDR6 development could be complete by 2024.

DDR6 will be twice as fast as DDR5 and offer twice the number of memory channels. DDR6 will achieve transfer rates around 12,800 Mbps with JEDEC modules and 17,000 Mbps when it is overclocked.

Samsung’s world-first 512GB DDR5-7200 memory was announced earlier last year. It delivers 40% more performance than DDR4 solutions.

Samsung DDR6 RAM will be twice as fast as DDR5
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