Refurbished Smartphone Selling Increased Sharply in 2021
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Refurbished Smartphone Selling Increased Sharply in 2021

Smartphones that have been recently refurbished are increasingly popular around the world. Refurbished devices will outsell new models in 2021. According to Counterpoint, statistics show that this is the case.

According to counterpoint research data, the number sold of refurbished smartphones rose by 15% in 2021. This area grew at a significantly faster rate than the overall market for new appliances which grew by only 4.5 per cent in 2021. This year, the upward trend in renovation sales will likely continue.

New boom, especially in emerging markets
Counterpoint Research does not provide exact numbers on the number of refurbished smartphones sold in 2012, but only a growth rate of approximately 15%. Analysts say that refurbished smartphones are extremely popular, particularly in emerging markets. Particularly, units were sold in Latin America by 29 percent and India by 25 percent.

Refurbished equipment was more popular in highly saturated markets, especially when it comes to smartphones. The US saw a 15% increase in their sales, while Europe and China had 10 percent more. Refurbished equipment is becoming more popular for many reasons. Companies that specialize in marketing and purchasing hardware should be advertising on a greater scale. It was also not often used money during times of the coronavirus pandemic that caused widespread purchase of smartphones. They say that there is an increasing awareness in Europe about the long-term use and repair of used equipment.

Second-hand buyers are attracted to expensive smartphones like the Apple iPhones. The popularity of Samsung smartphones is increasing, and their numbers have increased significantly in recent years. Counterpoint also believes that 5G mobile communications are a major factor in the rise of 5G. Many customers have returned 4G phones they used in other countries to network operators, allowing them to be sold on the secondary market.


Refurbished Smartphone Selling Increased Sharply in 2021
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