Rays lose to Reds in 10 innings

Rays lose to Reds in 10 innings
  • CINCINNATI — Friday was the worst of the many unfortunate events that have afflicted the Rays this season.

    They lost a game due to a walkoff balk.

    Matt Wisler was indicted for infraction on the 1-2 count in the 10th. Cincinnati’s Mark Kolozsvary came home from third base to give Cincinnati a 2-1 win.

    The Rays lost in a walkoff for the first time in their 25 season history. This was also the first major league game that this had ever happened since August 18, 2018, when the Dodgers lost to Seattle.

    Wisler stated, “It’s difficult to call that in such a situation.”

    Wisler stood on the mound, his arms raised in disbelief, as the Reds cheered and fireworks were lit at the Great American Ball Park. In disbelief, teammates watched from the shelter. Rays manager Kevin Cash ran in to the shelter to inquire about the explanation. The referees spoke briefly to him, then he left. Balk calls cannot be repeated or reviewed.

    Cash stated that Wisler was “surprised, we were all shocked” “You don’t expect to finish such a game.”

    Wisler claimed that the call was made using a move he makes often, hitting his glove on the left leg to signal that he wanted Francisco Mejia to call another shot. Cash claimed that home plate umpire Edwin Moscoso, and second base umpire Lance Barrett said to him that they felt Wisler was a jerk.

    None of this made the Rays feel better, as they fell to 45-38 despite Shane McClanahan’s strong start.

    Wisler said, “I feel like this move has been done many times. I just tap my foot when I want to give a different signal.” It’s obvious that it hurts how we lost the game. It’s unfortunate, given the way the guys pitched it.

    Although I get the chance to do it, it is not a guarantee that I will get out of it. However, I wish I could have taken the shots and done it the right way. I can understand if the referee sees something. I need to be sure that the referee understands. I feel like I have done it quite often in my career, tapping my leg and not moving any other parts of my body.

    After being quiet throughout the night, the Rays fell into a losing position after failing to convert a potential opportunity at the top 10th spot.

    Josh Lowe opened the scoring by opening the scoring with a simple right. Mejia, who began as a runner in the second division, was then moved into third where Rodney Linares made the correct decision to keep him.

    You want more than the box score.

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