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Pokemon Fan Shows Off Eeveelution Lunchbox Cakes

Pokemon Fan Shows Off Eeveelution Lunchbox Cakes

Pokemon Fan Shows Off Eeveelution Lunchbox Cakes

ThePokemonThe franchise has many unique, outrageous, and adorable designs for its beloved monsters. However, the Eevee family is different from the rest because of a few things. Eevee’s popularity is one reason.PokemonThis can lead to many different types of training, so there is almost always a spot on a trainers team for it or its evolutions. OnePokemonFan has chosen to celebrate Eevee, the original Eeveelutions, with delicious fan creation.Redditor miscellaneousmao previously tried out Eevee-themed desserts, creating adorable chocolates and even small sandwiches – which were served in a container inspired by a Poke Ball. But this project might be the best. All three Gen 1 Eeveelutions and Eevee itself are captured in incredible game-accurate frosting designs.

Miscellaneousmao created four small lunchbox cakes that were served in Poke Ball and Great Ball-patterned containers. Each of the cakes is round, featuring coloured piping, icing flowers, and a small Eevee or Eeveelution design depicted poking its head up in the centre of the dessert. The shape of the piping around each cake’s edge changes depending on the Eeveelution. Jolteon has a smooth, fluffy design, and Vaporeon has smooth, round drops.

Miscellaneousmao showcases their work in a 33-second-long video. It begins by opening each box and then shows close-ups of each cake. The focus on Eevee, Flareon, Jolteon and Vaporeon may turn off some fans who prefer the later Eeveelutions. Still, the baker may well choose to expand their design library in the future. This video is a great example of the adorable designs miscellaneousmao could create.

Other fans seem to have enjoyed the Eeveelution lunchbox cake, and many began to wonder if they could order miscellaneousmao in their creations. One user asked if the baker could be invited to their birthday party to get an Eeveelution gift cake.

Several people wanted to know what happened to these cakes. According to miscellaneousmao, they were eaten with friends. This is very in keeping with the Pokemon spirit. These lunchbox cakes, while beautiful, bring to life the three earliest Eeveelutions. This appeals even more, when new Eeveelutions are always hovering over the heads of Pokemon fans.

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