New York Islanders pick Calle Odelius in 2022 NHL draft

New York Islanders pick Calle Odelius in 2022 NHL draft
  • The New York Islanders selected Calle Odelius, a Swedish defender, as their first pick in 2022 NHL Draft. This was the 65th overall pick.

    Odelius, who plays for the Djurgardens of Sweden, shoots left and is listed as around 6’1, 188 lbs. The NHL Central Scouting ranked him 16th among European skaters. He was part of the club’s U-20 team, where he finished 7-23-30 in 42 games. He played a few games with the “playing with men”, and was part of the Swedish under-18 team which won the gold medal.

    He seems like a good skater with intermediate potential. Here are the comments of draft hunters about him before the draft.

    Jeff Svoboda, Jackets Insider:

    Djurgardens was removed from the SHL this season, but this was not due to a lack of young talent, as this roster showed. Odelius, one of the top draft skaters and a great addition to that group, is a remarkable part. Odelius is a good pick for the draft, although it will take time to determine how high your ceiling.

    Scott Wheeler, of The Athletic, ranked him 50th out of all potential draft candidates for 2022.

    Odelius is a two-way defender that is firm and calculated. He plays a head up game that focuses on defense and moves in the opposite direction. Odelius isn’t a skilled puck carrier or offensive zone maker, but he excels at moving puck from A to B using precise first passes and comfortable carry from south to north. He has a strong, athletic, balanced skating stance and strong base. This allows him to quickly move from receiving a pass to sending one, while keeping your skates on the ice, and makes the most of his strong frame for appointments. Although he doesn’t consider himself a top player his impressive control and efficiency could make him an everyday NHL defender.

    Elite Perspectives

    A shoulder scan is the first step in your recovery. It will help you identify potential threats and options. Odelius then layers disappointment with every touch, before going into space. Odelius will lure another forechecker to the zone in order to gain more numerical advantage on the ice. With his skating and handling skills it almost always works.

    Corey Pronman at Atletico

    When you see Odelius’ skating, you will be amazed at his skill. The fluid, powerful stride can explode on the ice and the sharp edge helps to escape the pressure. Although his puck play isn’t as good as his feet, he does show great puck skills and can make moves in the O-zone to create opportunities.

    “He’s talented and skating excites Scouts. But as a 5’8″ defender who’s average defensively but not dynamic offensively, I don’t know where he fits in an NHL team.”

    Dobber Hockey

    A disc moving defender who can escape and has good hands. Intelligent in all three areas and capable of becoming a 4-6 defender at NHL level.

    Chris Peters, Daily Confrontation

    Odelius is a soft-skating, two-way centre-back and has only seen limited action at the professional level. Odelius has the tools to be a top-ranked defender in this division, but I am concerned about his offensive ability and hockey sense. Although his readings and anticipation were not as good as I expected, this year’s live shows have shown that he has a solid foundation of skills that will help him to see the positive side of the NHL.

    Let’s wait and see, as always! There is so much to watch and discuss over the next two- to four years.

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