New Functions Of Android 12 Appeared In Android 12 Beta 2
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New Functions Of Android 12 Appeared In Android 12 Beta 2

The Android 12 beta 2 is now available and packed with new features. We reviewed the details and found some interesting ones. Android 12 will be available in September, and should arrive in the fall.

Google has presented a lengthy list of changes in the second beta version Android12. Numerous new functions, improvements, and revisions are included. Although some of these were already present by the company when the next major OS version was introduced, they only briefly mentioned others. This is now proving to have been a tremendous innovation in beta.

Beware: This unstable version of Android’s operating system should be avoided. You can check out the new features below, or get a second phone.

Double-tap gesture to bring your smartphone back

This feature has been in development for more than a year. It didn’t work in any previous betas. The double tap gesture is now available in Android 12 Beta 2. It works as it should. The Pixel 5 is the only device that supports it, as other devices do not have this feature. Some users claimed that the 5G already knows how to double-tap. However, there is more work ahead. A custom action can be taken as soon as you tap on the back of your phone. You can customize the actions, such as taking a picture, starting the Google Assistant, playing or pausing a playlist, and accessing the “Recent Apps” menu.

New Conversation widgets

The new widgets are one of the most important features in Android 12. The “Conversations” widget is the first to be featured. This widget allows you to jump directly into a message thread from your home screen. The widget is available in Android 12 Beta 2 for some users, but it is not yet available for all. The conversation widget allows you to tap into any thread of ongoing messages from different apps on your phone, including SMS/RCS from Google Messages, group and individual messages in Telegram and others.

Pixel 4 introduces a new animation to unlock faces

All Pixel4 owners will receive the updated face unlock animation. A wave of color beams descends from the top of your display when the lock screen disappears to indicate that Face-Unlock was just used. This effect is subtle and similar to other animations on Pixel smartphones in Android 12. It also appears when the device charges. This subtle change follows the smartphone’s individual color settings, just like the charging animations.

Google Assistant – Power Menu

Android 12 Beta 2 has enabled the Google Assistant to open the power menu of the smartphone. You can ask the Google Assistant for a switch-off. It will then open the power menu, and you can choose to switch on or restart. The function is not fully compatible with voice input.

New loading animations

Although the charging animations in Android were improved in beta 1, beta 2 has made them even more effective. The ripple effect fades from the display’s top after plugging in the USB-C charging cable. The ring of dots in wireless charging has been replaced with a simple wave pattern of color. Although the percentage is still visible on the display, it is significantly higher. This is a new effect that can be combined with the “dynamic lighting” of Android 12 on your lock screen.

New Functions Of Android 12 Appeared In Android 12 Beta 2
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