N4: Samsung Mulling to launch 3rd series of foldable smartphones

N4: Samsung Mulling to launch 3rd series of foldable smartphones

Samsung may expand its smartphone range with foldable displays with a new series. A report from the Netherlands claims that another series of models will be added to existing models with folding screens. Galaxy club Samsung currently works on new versions of the Galaxy Z Fold and Galaxy Z flip series. It also plans to create a new series of smartphones with a folding display, according to its sources. It is unclear what their form factor will be.

“Q4”, “B4” and “N4” are soon to follow.
According to the report they are currently working on the Galaxy Z Fold 4 & Galaxy Z Flip 4 which will be codenamed Q4 and B4, respectively. There is also a new codename, “N4”. Samsung is likely to build on the success of its previous foldable smartphones to give it an advantage over other competitors with the third series. With a market share of nearly 90 percent, the Korean group is currently the dominant player in “foldables”.

The colleagues said that different forms could be considered for Galaxy Z “N4”. This Samsung smartphone could be the first to feature a rollable OLED display. It could also fold in two places, instead of one. Samsung has shown the corresponding displays for both versions, but it is not clear how far the development has advanced. Samsung could also plan a hybrid device with a larger display that folds up to have a wider diagonal than the Galaxy Zfold.

The panel may offer a larger diagonal than the one shown in the picture and could be considered tablet-sized when opened. Samsung is yet to announce the launch of its third series smartphones with a folding display. As Samsung has chosen autumn launch dates in the past, the introduction of the new series of smartphones with a foldable display is unlikely to occur until the second half.


N4: Samsung Mulling to launch 3rd series of foldable smartphones
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