Microsoft: Teamwork quickly becomes a brake in daily work

Microsoft: Teamwork quickly becomes a brake in daily work

Microsoft has begun to see that teamwork doesn’t make for the best business and employee relationships. This should be in line with the daily work of many people. Collaboration has been regarded as the most important aspect of any work organization. Microsoft, as well as other service and business software providers, have taken great measures to encourage employee collaboration through ever-new features.

Data now clearly shows that this is only beneficial to a limited extent. After which, it tends have an opposite effect on employee satisfaction and productivity. Dawn Klinghoffer, a Microsoft executive, and Elizabeth McCune analysed the metadata in Microsoft employees’ email accounts and calendars. The ZDNet report explains that the best-positioned employees are those who spend less time on collaboration, have more focus time and have 17 fewer employees within their internal network.

Meetings can be replaced with free time

It was not as though employees were working alone and were not meeting with their coworkers. Their total work hours were actually lower, according to statistical analysis. Instead of spending long hours in meetings and being tired, more productive employees were able to go home earlier and have more energy while they focus on their core tasks. McCune and Klinghoffer explained that collaboration doesn’t have to be a bad thing. McCune and Klinghoffer said that collaboration is not necessarily a bad thing. However, they cautioned that intense collaboration can have a negative impact on work-life balance. Leaders and employees should be aware of the dangers of 24/7 collaboration.

Microsoft: Teamwork quickly becomes a brake in daily work
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