Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio Details Leaked
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Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio Details Leaked

Microsoft is likely to release a new model for its Surface line of mobile devices this fall. The “Surface Book 4″ will be replaced by a new product, with a different design and possibly the name ” Surface Laptop Studio“.

According to Windows Central details, Microsoft is currently working hard on a new flagship laptop which will replace the Surface range. They want to replace the Surface Book with a new form factor and a different design.

Detachable design might end

The next-generation device will likely be renamed so we can deal with a type of “Surface Laptop Pro”, or “Surface Laptop Studio” in the future. It is not yet clear what the new device will be called.

We don’t know much about Microsoft’s plans at this time. It is possible to hear that Microsoft, a Redmond-based company, plans another major hardware event in the fall. This will likely be in October. Microsoft has revealed that it is working on a new design of the Surface Book’s successor. This Surface Book does not feature a removable display.

New design features more powerful CPUs and a 14-inch display.

The group will for now say bye to using a detachable design. The most important components of the Surface Book are located in the upper portion behind the display. Additional components, such as the keyboard and another battery, are found within the “base”.

Microsoft could install more powerful CPUs by removing the keyboard base and replacing it with a removable design. The group also plans to use an Nvidia GPU RTX graphics unit, and a larger trackpad. A new display is also being developed in 3: 2, with a diagonal width of 14 inches. It would be exactly half the size of the Surface Book versions with 13- or 15-inch displays. A new panel will also be able to offer a flexible, higher refresh rate.

It can also be heard that the Surface Book 4, Surface Laptop Pro or Surface Laptop Studio will come with 8GB, 16GB or 32GB RAM. According to the report, there will be memory options with 256GB, 512GB, and a Terabyte of internal flash storage. Windows 11 will be the operating system. This makes the new device the first to use the next Windows version.

Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio Details Leaked
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