Microsoft Fixed Critical Vulnerabilities In Surface Go, Laptop 1 and 2
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Microsoft Fixed Critical Vulnerabilities In Surface Go, Laptop 1 and 2

Microsoft released updates for the Surface Go and Surface Laptop 1 and 2. This firmware contains important security updates as well as bug fixes. It is recommended for all users.

Microsoft has released several new drivers for the Surface Go’s first generation. New updates are available for the Surface Laptop 1 series and Surface Laptop 2 series. There are many available drivers. They range from UEFI firmware updates, which improve stability, to an Intel security upgrade, which closes a vulnerability. The background and details of security updates are not known. Critical security vulnerabilities will be addressed according to the release notes. Microsoft states that they are unaware of any issues with the Surface Go updates.

June updates start

All Surface Go devices that are running Windows 10 May 2019 Update version 1903 or later can access the June updates. Surface Go LTE and Surface Go LTE are addressed. Surface Laptop 1 has only a few new updates. More information is available on the support webpage. The same applies to the surface laptop 2. All users are advised to update and they are available via Windows Update. These updates are currently not available from the Microsoft download centre. Users will need to wait if they wish to manually update.

This is particularly true for those who wish to wait to see if problems with the new versions. These updates are now available:

Surface Go Versions and Updates

  • Surface System – 6.304.139.0
  • Intel – Software Component 1.62.321.1
  • Intel – System 2102.100.0.1044
  • Surface – firmware 13.0.1763.5
  • Intel – Net
  • Intel – Bluetooth
  • Surface – Human Interface Devices (
  • Surface system –
  • Surface – firmware

Surface Laptop 1 and Surface Laptop 2 Versions and Updates

  • Surface – Firmware
  • Intel – System 2102.100.0.1044
  • Surface system –
  • Surface – Firmware: 138.3732.768.0
Microsoft Fixed Critical Vulnerabilities In Surface Go, Laptop 1 and 2
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