Microsoft Defender extends network security for Android and iOS
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Microsoft Defender extends network security for Android and iOS

Microsoft has entered a new beta stage for its enterprise security software Defender for Endpoint. This beta phase focuses on comprehensive network security for Android devices and iOS devices. It is now easier to monitor. Microsoft has released a variety of new Microsoft Defender for Endpoint capabilities that will help organizations detect vulnerabilities in Android and iOS devices within their corporate networks.

These innovations can be summarized as “Mobile Network Protection”, and the Defender Blog explained. After activating the new feature for Android and iOS devices, MDE provides protection against Wi-Fi threats and malicious certificates. Microsoft states that this is the most common attack vector on WLAN networks, and it therefore takes the first place. As soon as possible threats are discovered, the MDE reports them.

Hardware protection against being tampered with
The new features can detect threats that include rogue hardware like the Hak5 WiFi Pineapple device. Cyber criminals use such devices to steal data that is being exchanged over the network. MDE advises users to switch networks immediately they detect a suspicious network or an unsecured one. The feature is automatically enabled on mobile devices. However, Microsoft provides detailed information through the Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin centre about configuring network security for Android and iOS devices.

Microsoft announced the beta test, saying that networks are becoming more complex and present a unique opportunity to nefarious activities if they are not monitored. Microsoft has announced a mobile network security feature in Defender for Endpoint to counter this. This capability allows organizations to identify, assess and remedy endpoint vulnerabilities using robust threat information.

The preview is also explained. End-users may also find the new network monitoring useful. Microsoft already offers some MDE features to private users, and they will continue to add more in the future.

Microsoft Defender extends network security for Android and iOS
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