“META” sues Meta: Facebook Appears To Steal The Company Name
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“META” sues Meta: Facebook Appears To Steal The Company Name

The company that powers Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp changed its name to Meta in October to better reflect its focus on Metaverse . The name isn’t particularly original as it is now. There have been many companies who have voiced concern about Mark Zuckerberg’s use of Meta, the parent company’s new name, since the Facebook renaming. This is because meta is not necessarily unique or novel.

Companies who file lawsuits or complain about confusion are unlikely to succeed. Two companies, one from Arizona and Chicago, claimed they were entitled the Meta name. The first case was unclear as to what the Meta Company was doing. Arizona’s Meta PC was a PC dealer. Both didn’t seem to be able to resolve their complaints.

META vs Meta
Justin Bolognino’s case might be more successful, however, because Meta’s owner has sued Meta, claiming that the social media giant stole the name. CNBC reported that Bolognino, who has run his company for 12+ years, offers a service which overlaps with the parent company’s Facebook.

Bolognino’s company provides augmented reality experiences for events. As well-known, Mark Zuckerberg wanted to put more emphasis on the “metaverse” – which is a collective term that encompasses AR and VR worlds as well as applications. Meta accuses Bolognino of claiming that Meta has “dried up” after the name change.

Dyan Finguerra DuCharme, Dyan Finguerra DuCharme’s lawyer, stated that they had been in negotiations with Meta for eight month but failed to reach an agreement. “My client is trying market and advertise their services but consumers wrongly believe their services are from Facebook. ,” Dyan Finguerra-DuCharme continues, stating that META’s company has been “damaged irreparably and irrevocably”.

Experts believe that the likelihood of success is high for the lawsuit. Jessica Litman, a University of Michigan professor and trademark expert, believes META’s lawsuit to be “perfectly plausible” if it is successful.


“META” sues Meta: Facebook Appears To Steal The Company Name
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