MediaTek To Make chips in “Intel 16”
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MediaTek To Make chips in “Intel 16”

Intel’s MediaTek win is its first major customer for its contract manufacturing business. Both sides are not yet clear if MediaTek will be its first major customer. Intel made its first customer commitment to the US government a year ago.

MediaTek counts on TSMC
MediaTek launches more than 2 billion devices each year with chip technology. MediaTek develops the chips on an ARM basis, but does not manufacture them.

MediaTek, a Taiwanese company, also relies heavily upon process technology from TSMCH. This is also the largest contract chip manufacturer in the world and is also located in Taiwan. Some of the chips may be made by Intel Foundry Services in the future.

Yet, very few details
It is not known when the first wafers with MediaTek designs will be exposed at Intel. The same goes for how many there will be. The process is not mentioned by Intel. Noisy Tom will use “Intel 16”, the redesigned 22nm FinFET production. This process will be available at Intel’s $17 billion Magdeburg factory and is specifically designed for outsourcing.

There are no high-end chips available at the moment
MediaTek has made it clear that they will not be focusing Intel’s protection and diversification at the top of their portfolio, but on chips that have lower performance for high performance.

The current flagship SoC Dimensity 9000+ is now off the assembly line at TSMC. It was manufactured in the 4nm process. The Chip Developer Portfolio includes SoCs for smartphones, tablets, IoT devices, SmartTVs, Wi-Fi, and cellular modems. This cooperation is strategic in nature and is planned for many years.


MediaTek To Make chips in “Intel 16”
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