Kickstarter Campaign for Hand Drawn Game Guides Ends Due to Legal Trouble

Kickstarter Campaign for Hand Drawn Game Guides Ends Due to Legal Trouble

Kickstarter Campaign for Hand Drawn Game Guides Ends Due to Legal Trouble

A strategy guide was the only way for gamers to get the best tips and tricks to win the game. This was before the internet became a standard utility. Although they are still available, the purchase of a strategy guide is no longer a common practice. Instead, it has been repurposed for other purposes. The Kickstarter campaign is known asHand-Drawn Game GuidesThree guides were created to bring back the nostalgia of older gaming strategy guides. Some of the most popular NES games. The campaign was a great success, with the team raising the necessary funds to launch the project. The entire project was cancelled after the funding period ended.

Hand-Drawn guides were unofficial and unofficial strategy guides for popular NES games. They were all drawn by hand. The art, text, colours and style are all captured in a way that captures early gaming. These guides included Metroid, NES The Legend of Zelda and NES The Legend of Zelda. They were also combined with Ninja Gaiden, Contra, and the Ninja Gaiden. The book featured the walkthrough in a unique comic book style, with tips and secrets inside. This tribute received a lot of praise for its incredible art. Even the official composer of Ninja Gaiden gave it high marks. While the campaign managed to reach its goal and even reach many stretch goals, the entire project was cancelled.

The team posted the announcement on their Kickstarter page. A tweet also indicated that the project was over. Phillip Summers, the project creator, stated that the plug for the project had to be pulled due to “legal problems” that he was unable to navigate. He was disappointed that the project had to be cancelled, but he was happy for the support and love throughout the month. He understood making a fan project using Nintendo’s IP could always be cancelled, but he was grateful for it.

Summers expressed hope that he could continue the project despite its woodblock. The designers are still working out how to continue the project. The digital versions of the books are being distributed free of charge, he said.

Summers has no animosity towards the company that made it cancel. This news about the cancellation of this project comes after another fanmade Nintendo project. A 2D Metroid Prime gameThe website was closed down not long ago. Fans are hopeful that after all the effort put into the campaign, they will be able to enjoy them .-Made Game guide should continue in some way and see the light.

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