iPhone without notch and hole will appear in 2024 at the earliest
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iPhone without notch and hole will appear in 2024 at the earliest

A smartphone with a single display on the front. This vision is possible, but it is still not mature enough to be used by Apple or the iPhone. This is the prediction from an expert who doesn’t expect the first full-screen iPhone to be released until 2024.

Apple is not in a rush, even though others are doing it.
Since long ago, the technical requirements to conceal the camera and other sensors beneath the display are known. Many companies have provided a similar implementation of the fingerprint scanner – sometimes it works better than others. Only a handful of manufacturers, such as Xiaomi, have attempted to place front cameras beneath the display. However the image quality is still very poor.

How about Apple’s implementation? It is likely to take several more years. Ming-Chi Kuo an Apple analyst, recently spoke out about the company’s plans. The discussion continues to heat up on this topic. With the notch, Apple currently holds one of the largest display segments in the smartphone market. There are also repeated calls to return TouchID. Both of these areas can be addressed with under-display technology, in the sense that a next-gen implementation.

iPhone 16 Pro is the original full-screen iPhone
Kuo predicts that the first full-screen iPhone will be available in 2024. Apple’s strategy of waiting for market maturity and not wanting to implement new innovations right away is reflected in the reluctance to use a front-facing camera under the screen on high-end iPhones. You shouldn’t expect TouchID to return with the iPhone 16 – Ross Young, a display expert, can confirm this.

Kuo is less confident with camera technology than Young. Young does not expect Apple to be without a front camera hole before 2026. But, before then, FaceID technology could be completely hidden as it relies less on image quality.


iPhone without notch and hole will appear in 2024 at the earliest
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