Intel plans to raise prices for its products
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Intel plans to raise prices for its products

Intel has informed customers that it will increase prices for most of its microprocessors this year. Nikkei Asia learned that this will occur because of rising costs.

We don’t know the exact price rises and which positions they will be. It is possible, however, that all major lines of mass-processors will be affected by the cost increase. The cost of processors has risen by 25% since the start of the year. The company also promises to maximize costs and lower the prices of its products. This will be difficult due to China’s shortage of raw materials, lockdowns, and other obstacles.

Intel also discussed the problems in the semiconductor market in its recent financial report. The company representatives stated that even with the logistics problems and shortages, the warehouses of processor manufacturers are literally jammed with them. Analysts expect an increase of electronics demand, which will quickly exhaust these stocks.

Intel also plans to increase the number of graphics cards available, which will bring new customers.

Intel plans to raise prices for its products
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