Impact Analysis: Vols catches a much-needed tackle on Shamurad Umarov

Impact Analysis: Vols catches a much-needed tackle on Shamurad Umarov

  • Tennessee welcomes their third and final appointment of the week, as Shamurad Umarov, a three-star forward, announced his intention to attend the University of Tennessee Friday afternoon.

    The Vols’ 1.80m, 310kg forward picks the Vols over Georgia Bulldogs who have been showing great interest lately. Umarov is Tennessee’s 16th engagement and seventh on the offensive football side. The class also includes three offensive linemen Ayden Busell, giving the Vols an additional guard and tackle.

    Rivals rates Umarov as a prospect with three stars and a Rival Rating rating of 5.7. After their June weekend visit, Umarov felt positive about the Vols and made his decision to stay with them last week after talking with his family.

    This is a detailed look into Umarov’s compromise for Tennessee.


    “Sham’s roof has a roof. This is due to his relative newness to the sport. His body is still in development. He’s already gained almost 100 pounds. This will be his third year on the varsity team. He is really beginning to try his best, realizing his potential.

    His ability to create separation in passing and shooting, without giving up too much, is quite dominant. His second-level combos and backside are absurd. His racing game path is unreal. He is always present in the weight room and doesn’t skimp on reps. He has demonstrated this throughout his entire career.

    It is extremely long. We have been doing schematic training all summer so he took guard and center snaps. Although he didn’t take a snap in the game, he did train. He is a tackle at the next level. He is a left tackle for us. However, he can also play right tackle em>

    — Liam Corley is the Offensive Line Coach at Denmark



    The new offensive line promise from Tennessee plays well at left tackle Umarov is a solid base player and won’t let go of his pass. Umarov often guides defenders to the place they want, not against the grain. He pulls them out from their lanes and points toward the quarterback. He has a great vision and does a great job of catching blitz-defenders or turning defensive tackles when in pass situations.

    He is also proficient in combos, scoops, and fold blocks when he has his offensive guard to his right.

    Umarov can pass well, but his best skill is running block. He is a mauler who puts defenders onto skates. He is strong and can use his upper body strength to make pancakes at the defensive ends. His feet are strong and he is always moving. They give him more strength to support his blocks. Umarov excels in descending blocks, and is also proficient in outer blocks. He is a skilled defender in the second tier.

    The 6-foot-6, 315-pounder is a perfect fit for the position and belongs to the Southeast Conference. It will be crucial to improve his fundamental technique such as stance and staying low when he arrives in Tennessee. Umarov is equipped with all the necessary tools for success in this league. Once he gets used to the pace and offense of Tennessee, it won’t be long before he can convert the two-position depth to a tackle position.


    It’s huge, just like the Vols’ first-class offensive attack. Ayden Bussell is able to tackle tackle but he’s more of an offensive guard. Tennessee’s five-star quarterback Nico Iamaleava is a priority. Adding quality to the offensive offense will be a top priority.

    The compromise means that the Vols are now halfway to their July position goal. Priority offensive attack target Lucas Simmons will make its choice between Tennessee and Florida on Monday. Companion Offensive attack Perspective Stanton Ramil also is close to a decision. Tennessee plans to add at most one of the two remaining before July 31st. This perspective, or both, to keep up with Umarov/Bussell provides a solid foundation for the offensive line of this class.

    Tennessee is likely to say goodbye to Darnell Wright in 2022. Glen Elarbee will likely return Gerald Mencey and Dayne Davis to Glen Elarbee as offensive tackles in 2023. This is because there is an immediate need for depth. Brian Grant, who was in the 2022 autograph class is also on this list. Addison Nichols can also play tackle. William Parker could also be an option, if necessary.

    The Vols will be watching the weekend for any sign-ups by the Alpharetta, Georgia native. Defense goal JalenSmith will announce his decision Sunday. Simmons will follow on Monday. Ramil and wide receiver Nathan Leacock should be no surprise.

Impact Analysis: Vols catches a much-needed tackle on Shamurad Umarov
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