I saw the future: Mojo CEO shows off prototype AR contact lens

I saw the future: Mojo CEO shows off prototype AR contact lens

Drew Perkins, the founder of Mojo, has published a wearable report on the first smart augmented-reality contact lens. Perkins loves the Mojo prototype lens and regularly uses it. Perkins said, “I’ve seen future,” in his Mojo AR Lens Review Californian company MojoVision has been creating intelligent contact lenses since 2015. They should be able to display AR images within the field of vision, similar to smart glasses. There have been occasional updates over the years on the projects, but this milestone is the first.

Drew Perkins, Mojo CEO, was the first to see the fully functional augmented-reality contact lens in action. In an interview, Perkins stated that he only uses one contact lens at once, and for long periods of time. It is possible to wear two Mojo lenses simultaneously and create 3D visual overlays. Also provided were samples of the displayed content. Mojo’s CEO uses a compass, teleprompter and a teleprompter. The lens’ heart is an Arm M0 processor with a Micro LED display that has 14,000 pixels per in. It measures only 0.5mm in diameter and has a pixel pitch measuring 1.8 microns. Perkins claims that it is the “smallest screen and most densely packed ever created for dynamic content.”

Not yet independent
The contact lens is not yet independent. According to Mojo Vision, the prototype has a “relay attachment”. It’s a module that can be worn around the neck that includes a processor, GPU and a 5GHz radio to send and receive data to and from your lens. Cnet reported that the prototype uses a hood with integrated antenna for connection. Perkins wrote on his blog that people would be able to walk around with smart contacts lenses in 10 years. The accessories that are necessary should be left out until then.

I saw the future: Mojo CEO shows off prototype AR contact lens
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