How To Find Your Listening History On Spotify (Mobile & Desktop)
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How To Find Your Listening History On Spotify (Mobile & Desktop)

How To Find Your Listening History On Spotify (Mobile & Desktop)

Many YouTube users love listening to new music. The ability to track songs that make great additions to their playlist collection is a bonus. Spotify’s audio streaming service offers many functions that allow users to make the most of its vast catalog. Many of these features can be accessed on multiple devices, while others are only available through Spotify’s desktop application.

The music platform’s web player and desktop app offer a not widely known feature. Users can organize their music playlists into neat folders. This makes it easier to find the right mix for whatever occasion. A Spotify desktop-only feature allows you to follow Facebook friends and see their Spotify playlists. A Spotify user can review their listening history on any device.

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Open the Spotify app and tap Home (house symbol) to locate Spotify recently played songs on an iPhone, Android smartphone, or tablet; open the Spotify app and tap Home (house symbol). Tap Recently played (clock icon), located at the top-right of the screen. The user’s listening history should always be arranged by date. The most recent tracks should be listed under Today. This includes playlists, podcasts, albums, and songs. To expand and view all audio played on that date, tap the Link to All Played at the bottom.

Spotify’s Listening History Could Be Very Helpful


A Spotify Desktop listening session that lasts over 50 minutes is also possible. However, the feature is limited to the 50 most recent songs. Open Spotify’s desktop application and click Play Quot. This icon is located in the bottom-right corner. Click on the Most recently played tab. The 50 most recently listened-to tracks should be listed alphabetically, with the oldest ones at the top. You can also see track titles, podcast names, and tracks’ duration.

When users are looking for a song or podcast episode that they like, knowing how to access Spotify’s Recently Played feature is a great help. Individuals’ listening history can quickly search for songs they want to add to their favorites or a playlist. Spotify users can also use the function to share an excellent recommendation with a friend.

Spotify users can also quickly preview songs they have listened to in other ways. Home displays the most recently played albums, artists, playlists, and songs on mobile and desktop apps. You can find Recently played by tapping on the Spotify mobile app’s homepage. Swipe left to view the 30 albums and artists and the playlists that were accessed. To see more than 90 of the most recently played albums, artists and playlists, hover over the Spotify desktop.


How To Find Your Listening History On Spotify (Mobile & Desktop)
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