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Hades: How Many Bosses Are There?

Hades: How Many Bosses Are There?

Hades: How Many Bosses Are There?

Supergiant Games’ breakout hit Hades has made its way onto PlayStation and Xbox consoles. The multi-award-winning indie roguelike is even included at no extra cost for Xbox Game Pass subscribers, playable on consoles, PC, or via the cloud.

With all these new ways to quickly jump into its addictive gameplay, Hades has enticed new and returning players alike to help protagonist Zagreus escape from his father’s Underworld. To do this, he must first clear many chambers, and kill various bosses on his way to the surface.

How Many Bosses Are There in Hades?

There are four bosses players are required to defeat in Hades to complete a run, but there are also a few bonus encounters that can be triggered. The main four bosses are:

  • Megaera
  • The Bone Hydra
  • Theseus and Asterius
  • Hades

Each of these four bosses in Hades will appear at the end of an area: Megaera at the end of Tartarus, The Bone Hydra at the end of Asphodel, Theseus and Asterius at the end of Elysium, and Hades at the end of the Temple of Styx. However, there are three additional boss encounters in the roguelike that players can activate:

  • Alecto
  • Tisiphone
  • Charon

Alecto and Tisiphone are two alternate fights that will occur in the place of Megaera. Meg must be defeated a number of times before her Fury Sisters replace her in battle. They attack in a similar fashion to her, but with slight variations.

Charon is a secret boss in Hades that must be triggered in a specific way. After defeating Hades at least once, visiting the Styx ferryman midway through an area will sometimes spawn a sack of gold Obols behind him. The chance of encountering Charon is random, but players are guaranteed to find him if they enter a chamber with the symbol of a skull on a pouch displayed above it.

Once the merchant is found, have a look around him to see if the bag of currency has spawned. If it has, approach it and “borrow” the 300 Obols. Zagreus will then be teleported by an angry Charon to a secret chamber and forced to battle him.

After the merchant is defeated, Zagreus receives a membership card with a 20% discount. The discount can only be used in that run and will expire if Zagreus dies. This makes defeating the Styx ferryman a very good idea for those who still want to dive back into Hades to try challenge runs.

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