Google Wallet started replacing Google Pay on Android smartphones
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Google Wallet started replacing Google Pay on Android smartphones

Google announced that Wallet, which is the replacement for Google Pay has been implemented on all Android smartphones. The app can be downloaded by eligible users via a simple update of its predecessor. You can keep your IDs, bank cards, and even multiple tickets.

Google finally found its definitive payment solution It has been a long journey to get to this point. It all began in 2011, when Google Wallet was presented. This payment app used NFC technology, but also included other methods to transfer money. In 2018, the app was merged with Android Pay and became Google Pay. It is still in existence today. According to the most recent update, it was not for long.

In April this year, rumors about a Google Wallet resurgence emerged on the internet. Rumours were true. The manufacturer confirmed at the Google I/O conference last May that the application would be returning. The application will not be limited to a payment method. It can also store keys, bank cards, identification cards, tickets, and even the vaccination card.

Google Wallet coming to Android smartphones
Chaiti Sen, spokesperson for Google announced that implementation of the new Google Wallet in 39 countries has begun. The application will replace Google Pay in France. However, it will be available in some regions including the United States. They will continue to coexist for a while. To access the successor to Google Pay, you will need to download the Google Pay Update.

The first results show that Google Wallet incorporates dynamic colors, which change according to user settings, and tap-to-pay technology. A button on the home screen makes it easier to add new documents. Google says that if you do not have the application, it will arrive within the next few days.

Google Wallet started replacing Google Pay on Android smartphones
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