Google Pixel Ultra: Google working on an Ultra version that is even more efficient in photos
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Google Pixel Ultra: Google working on an Ultra version that is even more efficient in photos

Although the Pixel 7 & 7 Pro smartphones won’t be available until October, a developer has obtained the source code for their software. A new, even more powerful device is being developed.

Kuba Wojciechowski, a developer, managed to access the source code of Nothing OS to reveal everything about the Nothing phone 1. We now have all the information we need about the photos of the two smartphones as well as the Pixel Tablet, Google’s first foldable smartphone.

Google has been rumored to be releasing a tablet that can work with a stylus for several months. It is codenamed T6 and has two rear IMX355 camera. The same 8MP sensor that’s on the Pixel 6 front, according to the source code. The company’s first foldable smartphone will use the same 50MP sensor as the Pixel 6. It is codenamed “Pitpit” (or “Passport”) and uses two rear IMX355 cameras.

It’s accompanied by the Pixel 6a’s IMX363 sensor as well as a 12MP IMX386 camera that captures the ultra-wide angle from the Pixel 6. An 8MP IMX355 camera is used for the selfies. It will take photos less well than the Pixel 6 but it should still provide very interesting shots.

There are no secrets in the photo section of Pixel 7 or 7 Pro
According to previous reports, both the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro will inherit the same camera setup as their predecessors. We will indeed be on the Pixel7 a. Find a 50MP Samsung GN1 main sensor, and a 12MP IMX386 ultra-wide angle.

Three sensors are used in the Pixel 7 Pro: a 50MP Samsung GN1, a 12-megapixel ultra-wide angle IMX381 sensor, and a new telephoto lens called a Samsung GM1. The Pixel 6 Pro was equipped with the 48MP IMX586, however, the developer claims that the new sensor performs very similarly. The selfie side will feature a new Samsung 3J1 at 11 MP. This confirms previous reports that the Pixel 7 is capable of recording 4K video using its front-facing camera.

Google’s source code also shows a Pixel 7 Ultra.
Strangely, the third device is mentioned. It is either called “Lynx” (or “L10”) and would be a premium Pixel smartphone, possibly an Ultra version. This isn’t the first time that we have heard of this new smartphone.

Our 9to5Google colleagues had discovered that Google was developing a new device with a different screen. Kuba Wojciechowski has let us know that the Pixel 7 Ultra will have the same 50MP Samsung GN1 main camera, but would also use a second IMX787 top-of-the-line sensor.

The IMX787 64 MP sensor is a large 1.3-inch sensor that measures 64 MP. It is larger than any 64 MP sensors currently on the market. This is the first Google smartphone to have two large sensors. The smartphone will be able to perform well in all lighting conditions. We are also told by the developer that the Pixel 7 Ultra will use a 13MP IMX712 sensor to take selfies. This could be even more efficient than the 11MP Pixel 7 Pro.

He said that “Lynx” is a testing device that Google uses for photo performance evaluations of its smartphones. However, it cannot be ruled out that an Ultra version of the Pixel 7 or 7 Pro will be released. As Pixels are used to using older sensors, it is possible that such a device will surprise them. We’ll likely learn more as we near the launch.


Google Pixel Ultra: Google working on an Ultra version that is even more efficient in photos
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