Google Maps Starts Fuel Saving Route Alternatives When Navigating
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Google Maps Starts Fuel Saving Route Alternatives When Navigating

Google Maps in Europe will have a useful additional function for planning your routes by car: The implementation of fuel- or energy-saving routes is currently underway. If an alternative way is more efficient, the option will be displayed. Multiple media reports make this clear. The group had already introduced fuel-saving routes in the USA and Canada.

The first signs that this extra might soon begin in Europe were already present in June. The time is now, and the release has taken place. Google announced the new features for Germany on its company blog. The details of this feature are also explained. It will soon be possible to show the fastest route and the one with the lowest energy consumption. However, the quickest route might be the most efficient for some courses. Then, only one way will be shown.

You can still see the route with the lowest energy use in Google Maps. A small leaf symbol will indicate that it is “environmentally friendly.” Google also gives you a percentage of any savings that may be possible for this route.

Google considers factors like road length, slope, and traffic congestion to optimize fuel consumption. This is done using artificial intelligence. Google states that the feature could have saved the US and Canada CO2 emissions by taking 100,000 cars off the road. This is quite encouraging.
Engine type selectable

You can save your engine type in the settings to make the route planner more flexible. At the moment, you have the option of choosing between petrol, diesel or hybrid engines. It will take place gradually. Google claims that the fuel-saving routes in Germany and other European countries will be implemented immediately. They should be available to all Google Maps users on iOS and Android within the next few weeks.

Google Maps Starts Fuel Saving Route Alternatives When Navigating
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