Folding Smartphone Sales To Grow Fast: Research
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Folding Smartphone Sales To Grow Fast: Research

Counterpoint Research analysts were able to project very positive prospects for the mobile market segment during the week of foldable Android phones.

Samsung seems to have fueled the fire, and everyone wanted more. What seemed like a quiet week in August became the backdrop for Unpacked 2022. The Galaxy Z 4th Generation is the main protagonist. It also serves as the exit ramp for two other highly anticipated foldings of the year, the Motorola RAZR 2022 (Microsoft MIX Fold 2) and the Xiaomi MIX Fold 2.

Be that as it might, it will be the Galaxy Z Fold4 once again and, most importantly, the Galaxy Z Flip4 that will set the tone. So with all the fish, our friends at CounterpointResearch wanted us to get their expert perspective and vision for a market segment that points to growth already some very positive figures for the coming quarters.

The Galaxy Z Fold 4 is Samsung’s most advanced and refined foldable. There are improvements in both hardware and design. There is also a trend toward lowering final prices and costs as Samsung has managed to keep them in an environment of huge inflation.

No one doubts that we will soon see affordable pricing and mid-cut folding -we speculated yesterday with the Galaxy A family as our recipient – and Counterpoint analysts agree with this theory. Foldables are the fastest growing category of smartphones in terms of sales. It is not unreasonable to predict greater democratization in the future, as it has been seen in recent years.

Is it so crazy to see a folding Samsung Galaxy A for as low as $199? These prospects are even more encouraging than they seem. In 2021, 9,000,000 folding mobile phones were sold. By 2022, this number will be doubled to 16 million. This would lead to 26 million folded phones being sold by 2023. If we look at 2023, the real growth would be 73% between 2021 and 2022, with an additional 62.5% positive.

The numbers are clear and foldable in the future. According to Counterpoint Research, global net sales for foldable mobiles in millions. Counterpoint Research says that Samsung is the greatest beneficiary. The manufacturer has placed the most money on folding mobiles since the category’s inception and has promised to increase its efforts to distinguish itself from Apple.

The South Korean giant dominated 62% of the folding market in June 2022. Huawei and OPPO were in positions 2 and 3, respectively, far away from Samsung’s share. Analysts predict that Samsung’s share will increase with the Galaxy Z Fold4 and Galaxy Z Flip4 in stores and that Motorola and Xiaomi will be very competitive.

Folding Smartphone Sales To Grow Fast: Research
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