First Third-Party Apps Now Available On Android Auto
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First Third-Party Apps Now Available On Android Auto

Google declared a month ago that the Google Android Auto platform would be open to third-party apps. Developers can now publish their apps after the search engine company made the corresponding library public.

Google hopes to make Android Auto a platform that allows you to connect important apps to your car’s infotainment screen. However, only a few apps created by Google have been supported so far. The search engine company recently announced that software developed by third-party vendors will be supported in future with Auto.

Initial access should be restricted to parking, navigation and charging apps. Third-party apps from other areas could later be able to use Android Auto.

Google released the entire Android Auto app library as part of the Jetpack development library at the beginning of March. Software providers can adapt their apps for Android Auto in under a day.

Apps can be found in the Google Play Store

Google has written in a blog that developers of apps in these three areas now have the option to offer their apps via the Google PlayStore adapted for AndroidAuto. You must adhere to several quality guidelines. The test library should be used to verify that developers have tested their apps. You can download the first test versions from the PlayStore.

First Third-Party Apps Now Available On Android Auto
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