Fallout 76: The Best Areas to Hit With a Nuke

Fallout 76: The Best Areas to Hit With a Nuke

Fallout 76: The Best Areas to Hit With a Nuke

Nukes can be a powerful tool for instilling confidence.Fallout76.They can create large zones that will be irradiated by any player who enters one without protection. However, they can also be used to improve the map. Nuking the map is actually how some events are inFallout76Are already in place.

It’s not as simple as it sounds. Players must work hard and fight to gain access to this potentially dangerous technology. It is still gratifying to watch the countdown tick down until the mushroom cloud explodes into view.

How to Get a Nuke

It’s not difficult to get a nuclear weapon in the game. Players will first need to obtain a nuclear keycard. To collect the keycard, head to Whitespring Bunker. Once you have the keycard, enter one of the nuclear silos to complete the mission.

These silos are full of robots that constantly respawn, so be careful. Once you reach the area where you can type the code, enter it and choose the destination, to figure out the code for each week, players can head over to a bunch of different websites that release them.

Morgantown Airport

So hitting Morgantown is enough to make it worthwhile without having to centre the nuke at the airport. Morgantown is full of Ghouls who are always ready to attack players upon sight.

A nuke can transform these Ghouls from dull to glowing creatures into ones players can easily eliminate. This is great for getting a group together to farm experience. If Ghouls get tiresome, players can always head up to the airport to farm some Scorched.

Fort Defiance isn’t being nuked often enough, but it should. This is due to the Line in the Sand event. Line in the Sand is an event where players must defend Fort Defiance from multiple waves of enemies. Dropping a nuke in this area will upgrade all enemies and give players more experience.

This event can be stopped multiple times throughout the course of a nuclear attack. It is worth looking inside the fort as the nuke will spawn a lot of Glowing Ones. Straight jackets are also very popular.

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