Excel World Cup: ESPN broadcasts Excel All-Star Battle

Excel World Cup: ESPN broadcasts Excel All-Star Battle

ESPN surprised everyone with their broadcast of an e-sports tournament. It is all about the Microsoft Excel All-Star Battle. This is the world championship for spreadsheets. Esports is not just for gamers and real-time strategy.

It’s not a joke. The organizers, athletes, and broadcaster ESPN took the event seriously and made it exciting. Since May’s broadcast of the competition on ESPN, the Microsoft Excel All-Star Battle has been a well-known esports competition. The participants were given very difficult tasks to solve in their spreadsheets in 30 minutes. TechRadar reported that Excel E-Sports gained many new fans since last weekend’s broadcast. Infographic: eSports pays off
Festival of crazy sports

The event was part of World Cup Financial Models, “a premier financial modeling contest for anyone interested in finance,” aired on ESPN’s “The Ocho” in early August. The Ocho is a festival that features crazy sports like corgi racing and ax throwing. It lasts for 24 hours. The Excel All-Star Battle has begun preparations for the next major event. The grand final will be held in November, and preliminary rounds will begin soon. All viewers agreed that excel-E-Sports was a lot of fun. It’s easy to cheer on Excel and marvel at how fast the pros use it.

Bill Jelen (aka Mr. Excel), the author of more than 40 Excel books, provided a moderator commentary. Oz Du Soleil is also coauthor of several Excel books and runs Excel On Fire YouTube channel. The next matches will begin in October with the FMWC Open. The best 128 participants will then be chosen and must work to the final on November 12. Last year, the Excel champion received a $10,000 cash prize.

Excel World Cup: ESPN broadcasts Excel All-Star Battle
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