EU governments agree to deplete combustion engines after 2035

EU governments agree to deplete combustion engines after 2035

The governments of the Member States have approved the European Commission’s proposal to ban new passenger vehicles with combustion engines starting in 2035. The FDP’s storm in a teacup is now ending in vague approvals. After a marathon of negotiations, EU member state governments represented by their ministries have reached an agreement on the major “Fit For 55” package . This country saw the symbolic end to the registration of combustion engines starting in 2035.

It will likely be difficult for car dealers to locate suitable new cars on this date, since almost all major manufacturers are keen to move completely to electric mobility by 2035. Some even made the switch a few years ago. The memorandum states that vehicles emitting carbon dioxide will not be registered after 2035. This would effectively ban any carbon-based fuel. Some forces tried to open a back door by using the so-called CO2 neutrality of e-fuels. This means that combustion produces only the same amount of CO2 as it did when the fuel was produced.

Promise Not Quite Clear

This would also mean that there will be more synthetic fuels made entirely from green energy by 2035. This scenario is unlikely to be realized in the automotive industry. The e-fuels could be made in the next years using excess eco-power. They would be used primarily in areas where battery-electric drives cannot make progress, such as heavy transport and commercial shipping.

According to the car industry, it is more feasible to fill up with conventional fuel and a small amount of e-fuel at the station by 2035. The compromise reached by the Member States was to appease political forces that, despite this emerging reality, continue to demand openness to technology to save the combustion engine. The European Commission offered a vague promise that it would examine the impact of the regulation. Only the exception is for combustion engines which have been shown to work 100% with electronic fuels.

EU governments agree to deplete combustion engines after 2035
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