Elon Musk Could Give Us A Twitter Edit Button, Would That Be A Good Thing?
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Elon Musk Could Give Us A Twitter Edit Button, Would That Be A Good Thing?

Elon Musk Could Give Us A Twitter Edit Button. Would That Be A Good Thing?

Elon Musk may have enough influence with Twitter for an edit button to be added, but would that be a good thing. Elon Musk, who challenged Twitter’s free speech stance, asked about a new platform and announced that he was getting Covid-19 back and investing heavily in Twitter. He then launched a poll on the edit button. It’s quite a sequence, and it ends with a jab at Twitter’s edit button.

Elon Musk is, obviously, the driving force behind Tesla and Space X, The Boring Company (Neuralink), Space X, Space X, The Boring Company (The Boring Company), Space X, The Boring Company, Neuralink, and other top tech companies. Musk’s Twitter account generates a significant amount of press coverage and marketing for these ventures. Musk is a strong voice on many topics due to his viral influence of having more than 80 million followers. Musk’s social media power has increased tremendously after acquiring enough stock to make him the largest shareholder of Twitter. He now sits on the board at Twitter.

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Users asked for the edit button, and Jack Dorsey replied with a “probably never” response. Parag Agrawal (new CEO of Twitter) quoted Musk’s poll and asked that users carefully vote. This suggested that Musk could significantly influence Twitter’s immediate plans. The weight of the largest shareholder and future member could indicate that the edit button is possible. Twitter has received over 3.2 million votes so far, with 73 percent in favor of an editor button. The ‘yes’ vote was mistyped as “use” in what appears to be an intentional typo. This could indicate that Musk would prefer the ability to correct such errors. The Edit button could be a problem since tweets are immutable and serve as a historical record. It will be possible to rewrite history if that happens. There are other ways to address this issue.

What is a good Twitter Edit button?


What does this mean for Twitter, given that “probably never” is now a possibility? It all depends on how it’s implemented. A Tweet that becomes editable within a few days of posting can cause problems for everyone who interacts with it. The edited message could be modified by adding comments, likes, and retweets. There are two simple solutions. To reduce abuse, one solution is to limit the time the edit button is accessible. If the edit button were available for just one minute after tweeting, it would be great for correcting typos.

Another option is a small indicator that shows a Tweet has been edited (such as Facebook’s solution). This will allow the original content to be viewed. It is not possible to make any drastic changes secretly if they are. If handled properly, an edit button wouldn’t ruin Twitter. This is something that the company is taking seriously. This is not the case. This could indicate more essential changes and faster updates for Twitter in the future since Elon Musk has been a change-maker.


Elon Musk Could Give Us A Twitter Edit Button, Would That Be A Good Thing?
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