Dolphins fans see Chase Edmonds leading Miami’s running backs; Tireek Hill on receiving yards

Dolphins fans see Chase Edmonds leading Miami’s running backs; Tireek Hill on receiving yards
  • According to polls by fans, the Miami Dolphins’ offense will feature rookies. DraftKing Sportsbook’s SB Nation Reacts has just released the latest round of polls. Three questions were asked to Dolphins fans, with two focusing on their offense. Both of these results indicate that Dolphins fans expect great things from their new players this offseason.

    Chase Edmonds was the top-ranked running back in the poll, with 62% of the fans naming him the team’s number 1 rusher. The former Arizona Cardinals fourth-round pick was signed by Miami in free agency, adding to an already crowded pool of rookie running backs. After six seasons with San Francisco 49ers, Raheem Moret was also signed by the Dolphins in free agency. Mostert spent a month with the Dolphins in 2015 after having brief stints with Chicago Bears, Baltimore Ravens and New York Jets. Before settling down with the 49ers, Mostert also had stints with the Philadelphia Eagles (for a month), Baltimore Ravens (for a month), New York Jets (for ten minutes), New York Jets (for ten minutes), and the Cleveland Browns (for ten minutes). The poll showed that 18% of Dolphins fans thought he would have more chargers this season.

    Sony Michel, a former New England Patriots first round pick, was third with 16%. Myles Gaskin was the only holder of the list with a score of 4%.

    The DraftKings Sportsbook has Tyreek Hill’s receiving yards at 1,099.5 yards. Six-time Pro Bowl wide receiver Tyreek Hill – who has been selected in the fifth round of 2016 by the Chiefs – has never fallen below this mark in his career. He was drafted in the fifth round in 2016. In 2016, he had 593 yards as a rookie and then in 2019, he had 860 yards in 12 games. He has rushed for over 1,200 yards each of his two previous seasons. His career-record 1,479 yard total was in 2018. Dolphins fans are confident that the three-time First Team All-Pro champs will surpass 1,100 yards with 70 yards. Approximately 80% of fans voted for the over.

    The overall season’s results are expected to be good. Dolphins fans accept the fact that the Buffalo Bills will win the AFC East. However, Miami is expected to finish higher than last year in this division. 70% of the fans were asked where the Dolphins would finish in the division. Second place was won by 27%. Third came in third with just 2.2%. Fourth (also called “Jets” as it felt appropriate) came in fourth with 1%.

    Are you satisfied with our poll results? Are you sure Edmonds is the best Miami runner this year? Hill will Hill run 1,100 miles? 1,200? Your career is yours! Can Miami take the Bills to the top in the AFC East? Will they be disappointed to find themselves in the AFC East late in the year? Comment below to let us know what you think about these results.

    Stay tuned for the SB Nation Reacts poll to get your opinions on the 2022 dolph

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